Costumers' brands

Thanks to our well developed contacts in food, chemistry and cosmetic industries we have introduced in our offer finished products under costumer’s brand, taking over a full responsibility for the product. Our key products are:

DoyPack marka własna

Glass cleaning Liquid

A detergent designed to wash windows, mirrors, screens, crystals etc. Produced on a base of alcohol with addition of ammonia or a fragrance composition, two colour versions: blue and green.

Liquid Soap

High quality soap that contains a glycerin. Cleans, nourishes, moisturizes and greases perfectly. Recipe modified throughout the years, makes our soap appropriate for washing hands and whole body. It doesn’t dry nor call out feelings of skin constriction, it makes skin smooth and gentle. Soap is very effective, suitable for any kind of skin. Natural pH. Wide palette of colors and fragrance available.

Universal cleaning liquid

Detergent designed to clean heavily dirty surfaces. Its effectiveness is a result of well chosen components, that perfectly remove even a profound dirt. Available in 4 colours and fragrance versions: lemon, sea, forest and floral.

Washing-up liquid

Washing-up liquid that contains an antybacterial substance. Highly concentrated and effective. Removes fat even in a cold water. It contains skin friendly substances. Harmless for environment. Dishes glitter without wiping. Available in two colour versions: green and yellow.

Shower gel

Bath liquid

Well chosen detergents of our bath liquid make our product perfect both for washing and frothing. After usage, it leaves gentle and nice scent on the body. Available in variuos colours and fragrances.

Washing liquid

Well chosen recipe inflicts high quality washing properties. Applied in recipe surface -active substances are gentle for fabrics and remove dirt effectively. It does not contain phosphates, it does not destroy fabrics. Design to hand and automatic washing. Accessible in pink colour of a floral scent.

Carpets cleaning liquid

It removes perfectly every dirt from carpets, top layers and upholsterers' paddings. Our liquid produces thick foam, which penetrates into fibres of carpet effectively removing the dirt. It contains special components preventing from settling the dirt, causing, that carpet stays clean and fresh through longer time.

Cleanig floor liquid

Stain remover

Perfect stain remover that supports the process of washing. It is produced on a base of peroxide of hydrogen. It does not contain chlorine and therefore it can be used for gentle and colourful fabrics. Easy in use. It suffices to pour onto a stain and add to a washing detergent.