Who is co-packer?

Co-packer is a company, that specialises in packing. It cooperates with producers of various types of alimentary articles, cosmetics and chemical products, by providing them with services from basic to more and more complex.

Co-packer focuses mainly on packing. And so it must be aware of a trade, technological processes, available raw materials, rough products and law requirements.

Often, however, co-packer is doing some extra production work that is not related to packing.

What differs a co-packer from a normal supplier is a friendly relationship with it’s clients. For instance, co-packer has a habit of carring out an open prices calculation, so that a customer has an insight to it and sees what serviceprices consist of.

When you work with us, you can tell us about your worries and problems. It’s our task to understand your needs and adjust our work to meet your requirements.

When should you consider outsourcing?

You should cooperate with co-packer, when:

  • Production and sales of your products are no longer steady. You would save the costs conected with having a fixed worker’s team.
  • Your company is constantly developing. Investing in further sales and product development would be far more profitable than investing in new machines.
  • You want to be uniquely innovative on a market. Packaging market is changing very quickly. If you want to be up to date you have to annually spend a huge amount of money on new technologies. By working with a co-packer, you get rid of these costs.
  • You want your product to appear on a market as quickly as possible. Our experience vouches for better terms’ conditions.
  • You don’t own the technologies that meet your expectations.
  • Yor production plant is temporarily closed.
  • Your store room is filled up with products that need to be renewed to enable further sales.