We can produce any sachet in any shape for any groceries or cosmetics. This type of package is fully successful for any kind of promotions when we want to gain interest of customers in a new product offering a small quantity of cosmetic, sauce, etc. There are continuously more and more novelties on the market but clients are more willing to choose products which can be tried out in advance. As a result, a small sachet can be a tool of an effective promotion for your new product. It can be also used as a disposal package for shampoo or cream. Our sachets’ capacity is 1 – 70ml.

Shaped Sachet

Our sachets can have various shapes - tube, bottle, jar, circle, triangle. Simply anything you wish. We can make a sachet to be shaped according to original package of the product. Forget about standards! Choose new attractive shapes!

Double sachet

We can join two or more sachets together and fill them with liquid or loose substances. Each sachet joined with perforation can include different product. As a result promotion of two or more products can be combined. Furthermore two complimentary products can be sold in a joint package. Our technology enables us to produce any combination of sister sachets.

Sachet with tissue

We offer you to take advantage of exceptional possibilities which gives joining sachet with a liquid soaked tissue. Its advantages are invaluable during perfume or toilet water promotion as it makes possible to use minimal doze of precious product. Sachet with tissue can be also used as a package for products which are ready for distribution such as glasses cleaning tissue or shoes cleaning tissue. We can realize any idea for joining sachet with a tissue.

Stick sachete

Stick sachet is now going through a kind of renaissance in the packaging branch. Applying various kinds of laminates during production of the sachet gives us unlimited possibilities. Basic feature of this package is its high capacity and small dimensions at the same time. Specially formed upper weld gives us full control over the product which we want to squeeze. Stick is perfect for packaging loose and liquid products as well.