Stand-up pouches

Stand-up pouch

Stand-up pouch is an innovative, soft package for groceries or chemical products used in a household. Customers eagerly reach for stand-up pouches as they are lighter and cheaper than traditional carton or plastic packages. Additionally they can be easily and safely transported. They are perfectly suitable for packing sauces like mayonnaise or ketchup, washing-up, bleach or soap liquid. Thanks to it’s dual functionality - a standard package and supplementary package - stand-up pouches can be called a package of the future. We produce cheap and comfortable stand-up pouches with a capacity 50 - 2000ml with or without a spout. In our offer we also have re-sealable pouches, commonly known as zipper.

Stand-up pouch with a cap

Adding a spout to the standard stand-up pouch apart from innovative esthetics, changes entirely it’s functions and capabilities. This is an ideal solution for products that cannot be emptied at a time. The spout enables multiple opening and closing of package and makes accessing product from the stand-up pouch easier. This kind of package can be used to pack groceries like juices, sauces, salad dressings and icings as well as cosmetics and chemical products: mouthwash, washing-up liquid, shampoo and many others. We offer various types of spouts in many colors. While selecting and placing the spout in the package we pay great attention to meet our customers’ expectations and needs of the products.

Re-seable zipper – Zipper in a stand-up pouch

This solution gives many new opportunities. Such package can be used to pack groceries as well as chemical products or cosmetics. Tight construction enables multiple opening and closing of the pouch. An additional option is the possibility to produce round corners what has a great impact on the esthetical view of the package.
Profil thanks to purchasing innovative machines lately can offer such type of package at the highest quality and very competitive prices.


  • protection against spillage,
  • protection against humidity,
  • the possibility of multiple closing,
  • increase of the usefulness of the package.

Costumized shape pouches

We would like to offer you a package which would easily make your product distinguished from other of the same kind on the shop shelf - the stand up pouch in various and interesting shapes. The specific shape not only makes your product more visible but also more convenient for costumer to use. For example a special handle can be applied. This facilitates carrying and dosing the product. This package could be used with most of the liquid, powder or granulate products. Additionally we can apply a zipper closing and a spout in a shaped pouch.